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        1. Yeah. If you read the post on the summary for volume 2, you’ll know that he’s in the middle of performing a ritual (as the prince) but Maomao didn’t notice who he was until he spoke to her (and she fainted immediately after lol)


          1. Nah she didn’t know. I think she suspected it, but the idea was too preposterous for her so she shoved it in the back of her mind. She noticed his clothes in that scene, but she didn’t put two and two together since she was super nervous as she just narrowly saved their lives.

            The summary is the latest post of this blog :>


  1. Oo I see, I think after the story of consort Ah Dou’s head maid happend, she already know a little that the prince(emperor bro) is the first prince. Not she know that Jinshi is the prince right?

    And I think Jinshi himself didn’t know if he was the crown prince… Am I right?

    And btw… if military official know Jinshi is prince bro, why another consort didn’t know that? And it seems that prime minister(consort Rouran father) looks like didn’t too much put his daughter to please Jinshi too… It seems like prime minister didn’t know that Jinshi is prince bro

    I little confused about that hahaha…
    Jinshi status is too complicated lol


    1. Hm, from what I got, Jinshi knows he’s the crown prince (the title for the one first in line to the throne), as that title transferred to him since the first Crown Prince (Rifa’s son) passed away. Otherwise, his title from birth is the Imperial Brother (Emperor’s younger brother).

      Jinshi’s true identity is a secret to everyone except to a select few (This being the Royal family, Gaoshun and his youngest son. From what I got from the LN, Ah Duo also knows). Though some (like papa Rakan) are smart enough to have figured it out already. No one knows what the Imperial Brother looks like (since he’s a social recluse), that’s how Jinshi can get away with being who he is at the moment.

      I hope that helps.


      1. Ooh I see I see its already clear for me. Huhu poor Jinshi can’t leave from crown prince title since there is many problem in consort place 😮

        Woah I think papa Rakan didn’t know that bc he can’t see people and never meet prince bro himself right?


          1. Oooh that chapter… I must reread again!
            I think he can know the people based the rank and ability of the people huh… and that was imagine in board game pieces…

            Uum then, Maomao’s mother is still alive?? Till now?!

            Uoh wow… Maomao and Jinshi family is so sad..
            Their father can’t fully save their mother in the end…


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